Fall Campaign 2020



The collection of donations for the NNP has been on hold since March due to Covid-19 restrictions, however our communities are now ready once again to accept donations.

We are currently accepting donations of new and gently used pajamas. 

We've also been asked once again to provide baby layettes for a pregnancy crisis center so for this campaign we are asking for donations of diapers, breast pads and formula (or coupons). 

We have distributed 193 layettes to families in need to date. Baby layettes are provided to ensure that new parents leaving the hospital with baby will have what they need for the first few days at home. 

What we collect for baby layettes:

  • receiving blankets and bundling blankets

  • 3 sleepers (newborn to 3-6 months)

  • 2 or 3 Onesies (1 to 3 months and 3 to 6 months)

  • 6 newborn diapers

  • bibs and washcloth

  • outfit (shirt and pant) with socks, sweater and hat (if available)


If you are interested in donating to the Nighty Noodles Projects, please contact us at nightynoodlesproject@gmail.com.

Give us a call if you would like to drop off or arrange for pick up.

Cash $$ donations are always gratefully accepted. This allows us to shop for new pajamas when they come on sale as new pajamas are a requirement for some of the organizations we support.  As well we receive requests for diapers and formula (and coupons). 


Help us pass the word around...and be sure to visit us on Facebook.

Some of the organizations we support:

Villa Rosa

Thrive Community Support Circle

Wolseley Family Place

Grey Nuns Community Hospital

Gianna Centre

You Can't Spoil A Baby

Ronald McDonald House

WIN House

Bissel Center


About The Project

Throughout our lives we have all had the blessing of knowing Paulette McCaughan. A beloved wife, a wonderful mother and grandmother, a loving sister and a treasured friend to many.  She had a special connection with everyone but especially with our children.   No matter where we were, she always said goodnight with a hug and a "Nighty Noodles". Well twenty years later, not only are we saying "Nighty Noodles" to our grown children when they come to visit, but our friends and their families have started to say "Nighty Noodles" to their children and grandchildren. Hence, the Nighty Noodles Project!


In our friend’s memory, we will collect new and gently used pyjamas,  sleepers and  clothing for children and women in need.


We accept new and gently used pyjamas, sleepers  and clothing for children and women in need. We also accept cash or credit card donations.


We appreciate your support.



CTV NEWS WINNIPEG | June 27,2019

Community Connection

by Nicole Dube | https://bit.ly/2kbSJRP


Special Support for Babies

by Andrea Geary  | https://bit.ly/2P02zDT


Nighty Noodles honors a friend’s memory collecting baby and kids’ clothing and supplies for charities

By: Andrea Geary-Read the story.

Organizations we support!

As well, we would like to thank our generous supporters!

Phoenix Nursery School - Kid 2 Kid Sale

Child Cycle Children's Consignment Sale

I'm Too Big For It Sale Edmonton

RASS - West Edmonton Mall

Local Love

Roblin Park DayCare

And all personal donations!


“Everything that is done in the world is done by hope”

Martin Luther

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Contact Us!

Edmonton (Maureen) (780) 246-0696

Winnipeg   (Sherry)     (204) 782-4478


(780) 246-0696 or (204) 782-4478

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